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Compile the java file, and do this—. start Address of .class file. not save the file with anyname.bat. run the file. .class file will be automatically executed.How do I run a JavaScript file? Javascript Run Bat File. at Software Informer.Help Mario to run as far as possible, earning points, unlock new worlds. See non-reviewed javascript run bat file software. by jeremyrem 11 years ago In reply to How to execute bat file f ur best bet would be either converting the app to javascript and running it that way or rooting it only if it is your own computer or you do have consent to do so because it is a federal crime The .bat file basically runs another executable file and saves its output in a text file.Does any one has any idea about this, also is there any other way to do this, like running the original .bat file and then getting its output in a text file directly with html/ javascript? May 10, 2003. Running JavaScript Batch Files on Windows. Windows now has some pretty good scripting facilities built in, and I have started using these moreDid you ever find a way to do this? Im looking for a way to run a batch file (.bat) from a hyperlink, and Im having the same problem.

Today we are going to show you how to start a script and read its output in a Java program. We are going to run a windows batch file in our example but you Есть .js скрипт запускающий 1.bat в скрытом виде и передающий ему параметр 3 var WSHShell WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WSHShell. Run("1.bat" 3,0) Как запустить таким образом батник и передать ему

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