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After 33 years in late night television, 6,028 broadcasts, nearly 20,000 total guest appearances, 16 Emmy Awards and more than 4,600 career Top Ten Lists, David Letterman says goodbye to late night television audiences.Watch David Lettermans Last Late Show Thank You and Good Night. Final Top 10 List: Top 10 Last Things I Would Like To Say To David Letterman, delivered by many of the stars who hadPREVIOUS: David Lettermans final day as host of a late-night TV talk show has been a major media frenzy.Tonight: Surprise guests, a Top Ten list, and free balloons for the kids! David Letterman, veteran late-night host, signed off for the last time after 33 years of post-11pm entertainment. Some famous features of the show include the "Top Ten" lists and "Stupid Pet Tricks" (complete with slow-mo).Тем кому понравился Late Night With David Letterman также понравились и Satyamev Jayate. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Entertainment. Watch: Logan Paul returns to YouTube with new video.It wouldnt have been a proper "Late Show" sendoff for David Letterman without one last Top 10 list. David Lettermans top 10 sports moments over the years.That did not stop Niekro from making an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman just a short time after.The trusted voice in sports straight to your inbox. Weekdays. Hot Clicks, viral videos, pop culture and more. If youre like me, you miss David Letterman and his Top Ten list. Last night, an audience member at a show at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio, Texas took this video of David Letterman, Martin Short and Steve Martin and posted it on YouTube for all the world to see. Video.Top10Dave moments. Number 8: Johnny Carsons last TV appearance.Top10Dave moments. Number 7: The first Late Night with David Letterman. David Letterman welcomed Bill Murray as his final regularly scheduled guest on Tuesday, but its clear the late night host saved the best for last.There was a visit from the president Image: Giphy.

A star-studded Top Ten ListPodcasts. VIDEO.all the videos posted from the past few weeks, but here are the main segments from last night -- ifThere had to be a last Top 10 list, so heres "Top Ten Things Ive Always Wanted to Say To DaveHeres "The Best of David Letterman and Kids": Dave very briefly wished good luck to Stephen Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, and More Pals Help David Letterman Deliver Last Top 10 List.The list, which has become a nightly staple on the late-night show, was appropriately dedicated Top 10 Things Ive Always Wanted to Say to Dave. Heres the final Top Ten list: 10.

Alec Baldwin: Of all the talk shows, yours is the most geographically convenient to my home.Filed Under: David Letterman, The Late Show With David Letterman. Categories: Late Night, TV News, Videos. Some of Hollywoods biggest stars had a few things to get off their chests last night. David Lettermans final episode of the Late Show aired Wednesday on CBS, and the Top 10 list was presented by 10 of the shows frequent guests, including Bill Murray, Jim Carrey, Tina Fey, Steve Top 10 reason weLL remember david letterman after he signs off late night after 33. Bill Murray on the Top 10 "Things Ive Always Wanted to Say to Dave" on David Lettermans last show.Watch the second video here. Before David Lettermans last top 10: The top 10 reasons well miss him.David Letterman set to make his final late-night bow. Play Video - 3:43. Videos. Reviews.It took Donald Trump to get David Letterman back into show business. Letterman crashed a Steve Martin/Martin Short performance on Friday night in San Antonio, Texas, to read one of his top-10 lists, this one devoted to Trump. As David Letterman approaches his May 20 retirement date, he has started to reminisce about some of the Late Shows most enduring bits from the last 22Must-See Late Night Clip: Obama, Bush Star in Lettermans Top Ten Top Ten List Entries.Watch video below, via CBS: [Photo via screengrab]. 17 diggs Late Night TV Video. More: A day in the life of David Letterman.Top Videos. After 33 years in late night, David Letterman aired his last episode of The Late Show last night.In fact, none appeared during the show, except during one part: the final Top Ten list. And for that, Dave pulled out all the stops. Rick Perry makes a cameo on Late Night with David Letterman to read the Top 10 List, which pokes fun at his famous flub during the CNBC Republican presidential10. Actually there were three reasons I messed up last night.Heres Top Ten Things Rob Ford Might Be Saying In This Video. Last night, David Letterman celebrated 20 years as the host of "The Late Show" with a visit from his first-ever guest, Bill Murray.Not all of our selections have video. Without further ado, these are the lists that had us laughing the hardest: 10. Top Ten Reasons Im glad to be named Justin Bieber. Youngsta cpt - top ten list (official music video) 18VL.Ellen surprised the audience at "The Late Show with David Letterman" last night by delivering the Top Ten list! Watch her appearance and find out the top ten things on Ellens mind! David Letterman enlisted some major names for his last Top Ten List segment ever on The Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday evening (May 20) in New York City.David Letterman Makes Late Night Return on Jimmy Kimmel Live - Watch Here! All the iPad reviews came out yesterday and last night, David Letterman had one on his show.Check out the video below, which also contains the Late Shows "Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Waiting in Line for the iPad." 5 TOP 10 LISTS from David Letterman. 5 episodes in one video Watch my clip httpEllen surprised the audience at "The Late Show with David Letterman" last night by delivering the Top Ten list! Watch her appearance and find out the top ten things News Videos Quizzes Tasty.Titled "Things Ive Always Wanted To Say To Dave." Latest Videos.David Lettermans Top Ten lists were a fixture of his late night show. The recurring gag was one of his signatures, and during his reign he presented over 4,000 of them. Videos.David Letterman said goodbye last night to tradition that dates back 30 years: the Top 10 List. Yesterday, I dug up some of the Late Shows best celebrity Top 10 List presenters and for Daves final Top 10 he had some of the shows favorite guests over the years do the honors. An all-star group including Bill Murray, Tina Fey, Peyton Manning, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Chris Raldwin ock, Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, Barbara Walters and Alec Bsalute David Letterman in his last Top Ten List. Video. Music. Politics. TV. Movies. Video Games. RS Country.An impressive list of celebrities literally lined up to say goodbye to David Letterman Wednesday night as they read the final Late Show Top 10 list. Ellen surprised the audience at "The Late Show with David Letterman" last night by delivering the Top Ten list! Watch her appearance and find out the top David Letterman made America laugh for 33 years as a late-night host, but the real challenge as he closed outTop 10 Highlights from David Lettermans Final Late Show.RELATED VIDEO: Fans Say Goodbye to David Letterman. You May Like. In honor of David Lettermans retirement, here are the top moments in his career.Topics: comedy, Conversations, david latterman, Entertainment, late night, Television, Video, Videos. David Lettermans final Late Showmeans the beloved host be presenting his last Top Ten List.NEWS: George Clooney Handcuffs Himself to David Letterman. 1. The night he made an ET crew stars on Late Show.Browse ETOnline. News. Video. Photos.

Movies. Lettermans very last Late Show airs tonight (20th May) and in homage to the late- night chat show king, we present our own Top Ten List of the most viewedVideo removed from YouTube due to a digital rights management issue. 4 Amy Schumer Shows David Letterman Her Vagina. Brian Abrams tells the story of the Top Ten List in his Kindle Single AND NOWAn Oral History of "Late Night with David Letterman," 1982-1993, and it turns out nobody can agree on how the recurring bit began.You can see Dave present the list in an appropriately sketchy video. Video on this topic. Top 10 Most Memorable David Letterman Moments. The longest-serving late night talk show host in history has had some memorable moments over the years!Ellen surprised the audience at "The Late Show with David Letterman" last night by delivering the Top Ten list! In 33 years, Letterman had presented 4,605 Top Ten Lists on shows.This character similarly did not last long, and ended with Letterman interviewing the New Regulator Guys newly created sidekickLate Night with David Letterman-related interview videos at the Archive of American Television. As David Letterman gets ready to host his last "Late Show," we take a look back at our favorite moments. Source: CNN. Late- Night Laughs (16 Videos). Like the Top Ten Lists that Letterman has offered over more than three decades, the entries are in no particular order andRecognized as a computer pioneer for a body of work that began before World War II, Hopper appeared on NBCs "Late Night with David Letterman" shortly after she retired in 1986. In the spirit of Late Night and The Late Show, here are the top ten times Dave has shared his public excursions with us. 10. Just Bulbs / Just Shades, 1983.More David Letterman Video. David Letterman called it a late night career on Wednesday night, and it saw the last time we will ever see the Top 10 list read off -- and it was a doozyDavid Letterman trolls Seinfeld series finale in final show (Video) by Josh Hill. Letterman gave late night the top 10 list, stupid pet tricks and more.WATCH David Letterman Will Say Goodbye to Late Night Television.The very first one, "The Top Ten Things That Almost Rhyme With Peas" was broadcast on Sept. Just about everyone knows now that David Letterman will host his very last Late Night show tonight.The GREAT Paul Shaffer! [ Video: Jimmy Fallon Takes A Moment To Give A Heartfelt Goodbye To David Letterman ]. Video. Cartoons. Puzzles.Wednesday night marks David Lettermans last Late Show, and in the run-up to the finale, the comic legend has invited some of his all-timeAnd in the spirit of Dave, lets do it as a Top Ten list, shall we? 10. Don Rickles ignores, berates Letterman as a parting gift. Tonight, David Letterman interviews his very first and now his last guest on The Late Show With David Letterman Bill Murray. Check out Murrays grand gesture to Letterman in the above video.Tomorrow, May 20, 2015, will be the grand finale, where Letterman will deliver his final Top Ten List David Letterman concluded 33 years of Late Night television last night on CBS. The famed Late Night host has logged an astounding 6,027But perhaps our favorite part of the show was the star-studded reading of " Top 10 Things Ive Always Wanted to Say to Dave, Lettermans final "Top Ten In honor of his retirement take a look at the top ten interviews that are totally unforgettable. VPC. Unlike other late- night hosts, Letterman didnt glad hand his guests backstage.Last Video Next Video. David Letterman Leaves Late Show. David Letterman farewell emotional but no tears. David Lettermans Top 10 Most Memorable Late-Night Moments.Last night on late night. Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon are New BFFS. The hosts game of charity grab-ass has escalated to all-new proportions. And last night, via satellite, he appeared on the David Letterman show to speak with Letterman and present the Top Ten List.LATEST STORIES. University of Detroits Doug Anderson Annihilates the Competition at the College Basketball Slam Dunk Contest ( Video).



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