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The marriage equality postal survey results are in!Australians have officially voted a big fat resounding YES in favour of same-sex marriage! And fair dinkum not only did we prove that we love equality - we also proved that we love a good vote! Havent Voted YES Yet? With the postal survey on marriage equality landing in letterboxes around the country, its important that you fill in and post your YES vote as soon as possible. Voting YES is the most powerful step you can take to make marriage equality a reality for all Australians. The Federal Governments postal plebiscite on marriage equality has been slammed within the partys own ranks. But University of Wollongong Liberalwas quick to point out the group supported marriage equality and encouraged young people to check their enrolment and vote yes when the time comes. Razer: Yes victory was our Macron moment. LGBTI Australia led the way with resilience and pride. Poll Bludger: the surprising patterns in marriage equality voting behaviour.7 thoughts on How the marriage equality postal vote will actually work. Sixteen Australian athletes from 13 sports have joined a new social media video urging people to vote "yes" in the same-sex marriage survey. From the beginning, Australias LGBT community opposed putting marriage equality to a public vote.And that determination paid off: At approximately 6:05pm EST, the Australian Statistics Bureau announced the results of the national postal survey: Aussies overwhelmingly said Yes to same-sex Hows that postal plebiscite on marriage equality? A waste of 122 million or, nothats about it. If you need some prep before you vote yes to make marriage equal in Australia, try out Going Postal a retro, 8-bit online game. This postal vote is being pushed by our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, as a way to prompt a free vote, as he says that a yes vote will amount to a freeEven if the Australian public votes for marriage equality to be brought in, the government can still say no, were not going to legalise gay marriage. Найдено по ссылке: Australia voted Yes to marriage equality. But just what is the postal survey (no, its not a plebiscite), what will it mean for the marriage equality campaign and how do you take part?This means that even if a majority of Australians vote yes in the postal vote, it doesnt ensure same sex marriage will be legalised. Naturally, Im voting YES in the upcoming marriage equality postal vote. There have been a number of fun memes popping up throughout the internet ahead of the vote, suggesting that people fill their postal votes with glitter (the herpes of the craft world) Im sure. Embed Code. hide post details. 61.6 of people who took part in the non-binding postal survey said Yes. The No campaign got 38.4 - lower than the 40 that former prime, Tony Abbott said would deliver aThey said that a yes vote was a vote for compulsory radical gay sex education, and that equality meant an end to free speech. The Marriage Equality postal vote is on everyones lips the past few weeks, and the recent no vote ad has produced a massive backlash all over social media, with even Bill Shorten calling it offensive and hurtful to LGBTISo what is the yes vote campaign doing to reach this same level of exposure? HELP. All my polls.

Become a Premium Voter. Followers. Create a Poll.0 / 0 votes. Voters: Tags: equality. WE BLOODY DID IT: Australia Says YES To Marriage Equality.Australia has done the right thing and voted a resounding YES for marriage equality. Despite some early criticisms that the use of the postal system would make the survey inaccessible, an overwhelming 79.5 per cent of Australian voters did participate, in what the Chief"The Australian people have spoken in their millions and they have voted overwhelmingly yes for marriage equality.

Australia has said a huge YES to the Marriage Equality Postal Survey!A sample of the quirky responses from people who voted No in the Same Sex Marriage Postal Survey in the face of celebration from the Yes supporters. Lucy Watson is tired of the marriage equality postal survey already.Im exhausted because I regret not asking that woman and her boyfriend, but youll be voting yes, right? The Federal Governments postal plebiscite on marriage equality has been slammed within the partys own ranks. But University of Wollongong Liberalwas quick to point out the group supported marriage equality and encouraged young people to check their enrolment and vote yes when the time comes. Marriage Equality: What Are the Mental Health Consequences of a "No" Result in the Postal Survey?It is about asking Australians to mindthefacts, because voting Yes will undoubtedly change thousands of young lives for the better." Irish LGBT youth and parents coalition call for a Yes vote in the forthcoming marriage equality referendum.Jesuit leader Fr Frank Brennan goes against the official instruction of the Catholic Church and endorses a yes vote in upcoming postal survey. Read More: Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, Marriage Equality, plebiscite, postal vote.A mid-October poll saw 59 percent of Australians having voted yes to 38 percent in the no column. And while campaigners for the yes vote have been certainly spreading a message of love from all colours of the rainbow, Mr Palmer has urged votes to not decorate the forms with additionalPost. All going well, the ABS will announce the postal survey results online on November 15. No matter the outcome of this postal vote, it needs to represent what Australia wants. Post yourI have never met a christian with good morals. vote yes to equality. LGBT is normal, (air conditioning on the other hand is not natural) Devamn Gr. The Federal Governments postal plebiscite on marriage equality has been slammed within the partys own ranks. But University of Wollongong Liberalwas quick to point out the group supported marriage equality and encouraged young people to check their enrolment and vote yes when the time comes. Australians have overwhelmingly voted for marriage equality, with 61.6 per cent of more than 12 million people ticking yes. But the voluntary postal vote for same-sex marriage also turned up some surprising results. Literally 2 hour ago, the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed the results of the historic postal survey where Australians would be voting a YES or a NO for marriage equality to happen in Australia. Imagine that system, but for 16 million voters. But Will The Result Be Bad? ( Yes, It Will).So the next time you see some allegedly serious person discussing the merits of a voluntary postal vote on marriage equality, just remember, its a Very Bad Idea. Moreover, the government has refused to be bound by the result if it is a yes majority. While religious-based opponents of marriage equality are being mobilised to voteThey rubberstamped spending 122 million on the postal vote, despite parliament voting twice to reject a plebiscite on gay marriage. The "yes" vote is not just a statement for the LGBTIQ community: its a statement about the kind of nation we are. Australias High Court website crashes minutes before marriage equality postal vote decision. Equality campaign pleased with Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) announcement that three quarters of Australians have returned postal votes.We can only guarantee equality by sending a strong YES result to politicians which means all our supporters need to post their YES votes as soon Its now time for those campaigning for Marriage Equality to dig in and get a win for the yes campaign in the same sex marriage debate. But how will they do that? I go through the basic strategy the Yes campaign is employing, so same sex marriage can be legalised after the postal vote. Malcolm Turnbull has ruled out further action on same-sex marriage if the High Court strikes down the governments national postal ballot."The most powerful act of resistance is to vote yes for equality," Mr Shorten said. Same-Sex Marriage Postal Plebiscite - Vote YES! 0 Views.I made this video to inform people about this marriage equality postal vote thats happening. Vote YES in the Postal Survey. Do it because its the right thing to do. Marriage equality advocates welcomed the display of support, with one even vowing to change her fast food allegiance, commenting on Facebook: I have never eaten at Subway and will have to change! Australia has voted YES for marriage equality in a nationwide postal vote in which 12,727,920 million citizens cast ballots, 79.5 percent of all eligible voters. Marriage Postal Vote - Behind the News - Продолжительность: 3:48 Behind the News 545 просмотров.The moment the YES dropped. Marriage Equality result release Melbourne. "Marriage equality postal vote to be challenged in high court by Andrew Wilkie and advocates". Guardian Australia."Sixty per cent of postal survey voters have said yes to marriage equality Guardian Essential poll". May the Yes vote have a resounding victory and marriage equality be passed swiftly into law.Tomorrow August 24th is the last day for Australians to enroll to vote in a non-binding postal survey on marriage equality. 25 marriage equality vote results announced.

70 postal vote results release. 71 yes vote. At 10 this morning, Australian Statistician David W. Kalisch announced the majority of the country had voted yes in the same-sex marriage postal vote, but what happens next?Last month, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he was hopeful marriage equality would be legal by Christmas. The High Court has ruled in favour of the marriage equality postal survey, allowing the Turnbull government to proceed with theIf a majority of Australians vote "yes", the government would hold a free vote in parliament on the issue, with MPs not bound by party policy or the postal ballots result. What a week. A few days ago the results of Australias postal survey on marriage equality were announced. The majority of Australians voted "YES" in support of marriage equality. This is not what the people have indicated that they wanted by voting yes in the postal survey.Lets make it happen, Malcolm! Related articles: Older Aussies support equality YourLifeChoices supports SSM How the Yes vote got your number. Marriage Equality postal survey to go ahead— out this nifty heat map: After the ruling was announced, most were already gearing up to campaign for a Yes vote At least 61 of Australians voted in favor of allowing marriage equality."They voted yes for fairness, they voted yes for commitment, they voted yes for love.Opposition Labor Party leader Bill Shorten told the Melbourne rally the postal vote itself should never have happened. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised an official vote to legalize marriage equality by the end of the year. In the survey, 61.6 percent of Australians voted yes and 38.4 percent voted no. More than 12.7 million people responded to the voluntary postal survey Writing a news story on the marriage equality postal vote, are you voting yes or no? socialj gaymarriage equality uowtv. 1:08 AM - 18 Sep 2017.on Facebook and Twitter, as well as my news outlets, has been roaring with an overwhelming amount of info on the marriage equality postal plebiscite.Voting yes is not about endorsing this illegitimate process, its about refusing to walk past our fellow Australians when they need us. Bill Shorten.



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