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The first div gets the backgroundcolor from the parent which it should, however, the second div doesnt get the backgroundcolor and I dont understand why?you can inherit the background in each itemclass background-color: inherit Oct 13 14 2. » Css div » Css div background color not working.Is is so that an empty div can t have a background color? In previous layout exercises i ve noticed that the parent div can t have a background. Loading JSON into a div and change background color on button click at the same time. How to add effect to drag and drop elements in java script.After a couple of hours struggling with the first part I finally made it work. However I would like to nest two additional functions, the first one to generate a I have a nested div structure in which the outer div occupies 100 of the screen width and 2 inner divs placed side by side .background-color:white If i give the width as 80 then it works but not if i give width:auto. I cant get a nested DIV to display above a hierarchically higher nested DIV by using z-indexbackground-color:green">

<.Changing .items z-index to -1 will also not work. Thanks AutisticCuckoo, thats worked in one regard. The content of whitebox is now showing above blubgmid, but the background colour is not working. The whitebox div is just showing up with a transparent background, rather than the light blue that it is set as. Hi, When I add a float directive (in the CSS) for a nested div, it ( nested div) loses the background color it had earlier inherited from a parent div.

main /. This will not work if I introduce a float to be able to accomodate. | Recommendcss - div hover background-color change.css - Joomla Less Mixin wont work. How to change the compile order of LESS CSS compiler. c - Resolve html helper. Use css div background-color:red or use inline style

.Its better having that div with a class so not all divs are colored. If I remove that last
the background shows up.

But thats my closing div for "mainright" and I have to close this so as I said before the footer isnt showing in the div everything is nested in. What am I doing wrong here? Often it is desirable to set a background color for an entire layer or DIV region, much like setting the background color for a whole table. Setting a layer background color should work the same for version 4 of both Netscape and Internet Explorer but it doesnt. The background-color property describes the background color of elements.CSS background-image not working. 7. 22152.Grouping of elements (span and div). The box model. Необходимо чтобы отображался фоновый цвет, у Divа (id"1") в который вложено еще два Divа (id"a" и id"b") с плавающей высотой (блог и сайдбар).

. css. 1. background-color: e8e8e8 How to change the background color of DIV in HTML?changing uiview background color changing uiview background color changing UIView background color in ios self.view.backgroundColor [UIColor colorWithRed:244.0f/255.0f green:230.0f/255.0f blue » Nested div » Nested div background color not working.Результаты поиска nested divs background. user3339224 feb 28 14 at 15 15 i can not get my yellow background color to show up with the nested divs that show up in 3 separate. CSS hover selector for background-color not working after dynamic change of background-color with jquery.Can anyone explain why I am having such issues with background colors in these nested DIV. Meta Discuss the workings and policies of this site. About Us Learn more about Stack Overflow the company.I can not get my yellow background color to show up with the nested divs that show up in 3 separate columns. First of all thank you for your time reading my question! I m trying to do a hover code to affect an element ( nested divs background color) and I found some answers and tried them but couldnt get it to work. Can anyone suggest why the background-color isnt being set in the .page-title-wide div?Ive read the thread at Nested divs Background-color but the solution there doesnt work with my issue. The parent Div has set a background-color property, and i want to have the child Div without background-color.The default value for background-color propety is transparent, not the none. I have HTML with a div and a nested div. The nested div has half the width of the container div, but isAligning icons to simple search bar Display: Flex not working as expected in Internet ExplorerHow does the browser match classes in the DOM? div background color not covering full height This is a stupid question and I should know the answer but I cannot figure out why the body color is showing through my div on this pageI used two divs to split the menu into columns (within the content). If I float the content everything work but I dont want to do that. I know its simple I know Ive Added a CLEAR: BOTH under the floated DIVs, now works fine.Check to make sure you dont have something like: DIV background-color: greenbackground-color: transparentto the nested DIVs, but no effect. I am trying to change background-color of the parent div behind the children ones. Kind of like how the how the background in this image is darker than the other divs. here is my HTML Пустому элементу (тот, который не имеет вложенных потомков, в том числе пробелов и переносов строки Enter)Нужно скрыть его или пока в блоке ничего нет, показывать подсказку. Текст.