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Stop Over Kowloon. Dongguan. (Hung Hom) (Changping). Arrival Guangzhou.2) Travel on the MTR to Shenzhen border then a fast train to Guangzhou (more frequent trains). MTR from Central station in Hong Kong to Lo Wu (Shenzhen border), journey time approx 1 hour and cost approx HK T2 Terminal 2 GO - Hong Kong International Airport. Dongguan Guangzhou SINOWAY (CHINA) EXPRESS.Humen Port, Dongguan - Hacis. Travel time between Hong Kong and Dongguan By train : Guangzhou City Help needed in regards to transportation from Dongguan to Hong Kong.My husband and I will spend a few weeks in Dongguan (work related), and we were thinking to go to Hong Kong over the weekend. I havent been up to Guangzhou in a while so it was nice to get out of Hong Kong and visit for a day. While there are a few methods to get up to Guangzhou, bus, train via Shenzhen, and direct train, I decidedIf you take the train without the stop in Dongguan, itll shave 10 minutes off the travel time. Through Train Timetable from Hong Kong Kowloon to Guangzhou (Canton).Hung Hom --> Dongguan (Changping)/Guangzhou East. (Northbound). Train No. Time Schedule. Depart Hung Hom. By train. Hong Kongs Mass Transit Railway offers service (the former Kowloon-Canton Railway service) from Hung Hom Station in Hong Kong toVeggie Box, Floor 4, Dina, Xing He Chuan Suo, Dongcheng, Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Sunny Time Leisure Centre (beside the pool) - you need Hong Kong to Dongguan CHINA! - Продолжительность: 15:48 Kelsey Bang 1 758 просмотров.

Traveling From Shenzhen China to Hong Kong By Train - Продолжительность: 48:18 nav san 24 716 просмотров. The journey time is generally under 2 hours and the train has a food and drinks service. NOTE: You will pass through immigration at both ends of the journey.23:17. Hong Kong to Guangzhou. Train No. Depart Hung Hom. Arrive Dongguan (Changping). Arrive Guangzhou East. Whilst weve taken great care to ensure the information on this page is correct, as the frequency and duration of crossings on all routes can vary from time to time wed advise that you get a live quote for current availability on this Hong Kong Dongguan Province crossing between Hong Kong Airport Fast trains from Hong Kong stop at Dongguan three times a day and several coach lines offer daily, round-trip services from Hong Kong.

On public transport, it costs as little as US25 for a return ticket from Hong. Please check the Time Schedule below for the Express railroad between Guangzhou and Hong Kong (Hung Hom). Hung Hom to Dongguan (Changping)/Guangzhou East. Train No. Beijing Tour Chinese Question Dongguan Tour English Article English Question Foshan Tour Guangzhou Tour Guilin Tour HK Tour Hong Kong Tour Macau Tour Shanghai Tour Shenzhen Tour Subway Ticket fare Time Schedule Train Time Schedule Wangfujing Street Xian Tour Zhangjiajie Tour. Dongguan, China is the same time as Victoria, Hong Kong.all calculations driving time driving distance flight time flight distance closest airport cost of driving time difference major cities halfway point stopping points cost to fly or drive direct flights airlines serving walking distance bus or train Check Dongguan to Guangzhou train schedules, including live train times, fares and station information.USDUnited States Dollar CNYChinese Yuan HKDHong Kong Dollar SGDSingapore Dollar EUREuro. Bus or train from Hong Kong to Dongguan Changping?Tickets cost RUB 650 - RUB 2300 and the journey takes 2 h. Alternatively, Mass Transit Railway (MTR) operates a train from Hong Kong to Dongguan Changping every 5 minutes.

1) Take the MTR Intercity Through Train from Hong Kong Hung Hom Station to Dongguan (Changping) Station.It will take about half the time or less than all your travel over to Guangzhou and then to Xiamen by train. Find detailed train times from Shenzhen to Dongguan and Changping here.Dongguan plays a vital role in the communication line between Guangzhou and Hong Kong, which are accessible by airplane, train, coach and ferry boa How to book ferries from Hong Kong to Dongguan Province. There is currently just the 1 ferry route running between Hong Kong and Dongguan Province operated by 1 ferry company Seas Young. The Hong Kong Airport (Skypier) There are 615 daily train, bus, boat schedules from Hong Kong to Dongguan. The first leaves at 07:10, and the latest is 20:30.From. To. Type. Time. Train Transport: DongguanHong Kong Kowloon through Train.Travelers in Dongguan are lucky if you want to go to Hong Kong from Dongguan, because they can get on board of the Guangjiu trains in Dongguan Changping station. Dongguan (Changping) to Hung Hom (Hong Kong) ()(). Train No. .Train . Departure Time . Train No. Time Schedule. Depart Hung Hom. Arrive Dongguan (Changping). Arrive Guangzhou East. T824.Farrington American Express Travel Services. (852) 2808 2828. Gray Line Tours of Hong Kong. (852) 2723 5445. GZTC International Tour Co. Ltd. The journey time is generally under 2 hours and the train has a food and drinks service .It is really convenient for you when you are going to by train from Guangzhou to HongKong during the22:00. By train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. Guangzhou East/Dongguan(Changping) >Hung Hom. By Selfdrive From Dongguan to Hong Kong. 0m 79 KM. One-Way fare starting from 472 Directions.The flight distance which would require you an approximate time period of . considering an average driving speed of 500 miles/hr. Find the best flight Hong Kong - Dongguan on our Hong Kong Dongguan flight search engine. Compare all flight to Dongguan.Booking your Dongguan flight from Hong Kong is just few clicks away. Flight Duration from Hong Kong to Dongguan. The distance from Hong Kong to Dongguan is 95 km or 59 miles. A typical flight between Hong Kong to Dongguan would have a flying time of about 8 mins. Real GuangZhou to Hong Kong Maps makes all the difference when its time to get on your trainGuangZhou to Hong Kong Trains depart GuangZhou East Station and arrive at Hung Hom Train Station in Hong Kong stopping only once at ChangPing (in DongGuan), see also Hong Kong to Template:BS-headerTemplate:BS-table1Template:BSTemplate:BSTemplate:BSTemplate:BSTemplate:BSTemplate:BS. |. The Guangdong Through Train (Template:Zh) Hong Kong to Dongguan Changping Train Schedule Ticket Prices.Check train No. to see its travel route or use filters to shorten the listing. Departure Time: Morning Afternoon Night. 8 how much time to leave at airports for domestic flights in Thailand by lauramsgarden | 2 responses most recent on Dec 31, 17 at 02:23 AM.First question: Would you recommend flying to Guangzhou and then taking a bus/ train to Dongguan or would you suggest Hong Kong and then bus to Search China Train from Chengdu to Dongguan, Check with this page for latest train departure arrival times, ticket prices and ticket booking tips, Visit Our China.Beijing Tours Xian Tours Shanghai Tours Guilin Tours Hong Kong Tours Kunming Tours Hangzhou Tours. Travel time from Hong Kong to Dongguan.If there is any Train from Hong Kong to Dongguan and available bus services. Hong Kong and Dongguan Hotels details, travel guide and booking information. Come hang with the Bangs in China! Waking up in Hong Kong, walking to the water front, spending the morning at the Pacific Club for Spa time and a lunch buffet, traveling by train to Dongguan, night time exploring and a traditional Chinese dinner in Dongguan! Thanks for stopping by today! China train tickets schedule to/from Hong Kong from Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai, ticketsTickets to Shanghai and Beijing are available 60 days prior to departure while those to DongguanMTR Sales Offices. Opening Hours. Booking Cut-off Time before Departure. Northbound Route. Dongguan, as a train station name, was, until some time last year, in Changping.In the Hong Kong SAR, what is the best way to VPN into Mainland China? Has the best time of Hong Kong already gone? Dongguan Hung Hom.Trains involving Hong Kong are defined as international trains, so you need to enter the box of International Train from China on our train page or you wont find anyresults. c. Would it be possible to go to both Dongguan and Zhongshan within a day trip from Hong Kong?This may be nearer to the Opium War Musuem, the frequency is 5 round trip a day but more expensive than train. Sailing time about 70mins . train ticket search train route London to Hong Kong by train.SEARCH FOR TRAIN TIMES HERE: Online timetable information, on which you can find relevant, up-to-date connections. / Deutsche Bahn. The Hong Kong (SAR) Government commissioned a second Railway Development Study inthat the use of a maglev train would reduce the Hong Kong to Shenzhen running time.options, Guangzhou East Dongguan Lin Tong Hong Kong and Panyu Nansha Shekou Hong Kong. Guangzhoudong/Changping Hung Hom. (Southbound). Train No. Time Schedule. Depart Guangzhoudong. Humen Station Location: Humen Town, Dongguan City Tips: At this station, passengers could purchaseTraveling From Shenzhen to Hong Kong By Train.Maybe becoz all my previous holiday was all spent in china , Hong Kong and 1 time thailand lol Wed, 17 June 2015 02:16 PM. Hong kong, jul. Lo wu, dongguan humen guangzhou nansha. Least several dozen times.American express links hong kong. Changping, arrive dongguan humen guangzhou nansha. Providing over train, bus. Arrival Time. Duration. T812. Kowloon(Hong Kong). Guangzhou East.Through Train from Kowloon (Hong Kong) to Zhaoqing via Dongguan, Guangzhou and Foshan c. Would it be possible to go to both Dongguan and Zhongshan within a day trip from Hong Kong?I will probably want to spend some time in and around the museum, so would it be easy to a taxi back to the train station? I will go to Zhaongshan on another day. Return To Hong Kong From. Departure Time. Arrive. Zhaoqing Foshan Guangdong E Dongguan Kowloon. T801 T807 T813.From. Train No. Departure Time. c. Would it be possible to go to both Dongguan and Zhongshan within a day trip from Hong Kong?This may be nearer to the Opium War Musuem, the frequency is 5 round trip a day but more expensive than train. Sailing time about 70mins . Hong Kong - Guangzhou Trains. Train. Hung Hom. Dongguan (Changping).Otherwise, you take G trains to Shenzhen (8.5-10 hours) directly then clear the custom at Luofu () or Futian (). Check availability of Beijing Guangzhou or Beijing Shenzhen train at Etripchina real-time searching system. There are 10-12 trains daily between Hong Kong and China. Travel time see graph at end of blog for current schedule.Train No. Depart Guangzhou East. Depart Dongguan (Changping). Arrive Hung Hom. 3. Undecided of where to stay how do I get to (a) Guanzhou from hongkong and (b) Qin Xi town, Dongguan from Hong Kong? Which is faster: by bus or by train? 4. My flight is arriving Hong Kong at 9pm, is there still a transpo to either Guanzhou or Dongguan? By Trains: The KCR East Railway travels between Hong Kong (Hung Hom Station) and Guangzhou East Station, and the journey time is generally under 2 hours and the train has a food and drinks service.Hung Hom Arrive Dongguan (Changping). Arrive Guangzhou East.



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