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Главная Форум > Вопросы по программированию на РНР >.PHP: header(Content-Type: text/html charsetUTF-8) echo Unicode2Charset(150, UTF-8) > Но попробуйте её хотя бы на некоторых хостингах. Im not sure if this is your problem, but are you calling htmlentities with the UTF-8 parameter? I ask because thats not its default: Like htmlspecialchars(), it takes an optional third argument charset which defines character set used in conversion. All rights reserved. The htmlentities() function doesnt work automatically with multibyte strings. To save time, youll want to create a wrapper function anduse mbstring or iconv but I dont know how to used this. From the bottom up » Blog Archive » How To: UTF-8 Encoding PHP - 09 August 2006. htmlentities-utf.phpt [plain text]. string htmlentitydecode ( string string [, int flags ENTCOMPAT | ENTHTML401 [, string encoding UTF-8 ]] ).The main function is?htmlentities2utf8 Others are helper functions.

Before PHP 5.3.3, thecharsetparameters default value wasISO-8859-1. I have my data in this format: U597D or like this U6211. I want to convert them to UTF-8 (original characters are and ). How can I do it?If the mbstring extension is not loaded, it will use the iconv extension instead. I also added functions for HTMLentities encoding / decoding and encoding Поддерживается следующими версиями PHP: 3. 4. 5. Описание функции: Функция htmlentities() выводит html-теги в виде символов.Определяет кодировку, используемую при преобразовании. Поддерживаются следующие кодировки: ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-15, UTF-8 Thus, the htmlentities(utf8string, ENTQUOTES, "ISO-8859-1") could not output any "leading bytes" needed by UTF-8 to generate valid multi-byte sequences.Real-world situation: A PHP 5.3.x server with security backports uses ISO-8859-1 as the default encoding. Starting with PHP 5.

4, UTF-8 is the PHP encodes UTF-8 characters in up to four bytes, like thisutf8[encode|decode] will actually translate windows-1252 characters as well, not just from/to ISO-8859-1 as the documentation says. PHP — Преобразование HTML тегов. Htmlentities функция принимает строку и возвращает ту же строчку, но уже с преобразованными HTML тегами.Поставил кодировку utf-8 в плюсплюсе и вместо русских символов появились крякозябры. By default this library requires that you using "UTF-8"-encoding on your server and it will force " UTF-8" by "bootstrap.php".Convert only special characters to HTML entities: UTF-8 version of htmlspecialchars(). INFO: Take a look at " UTF8::htmlentities()". How do I determine the length of a string? Why shoulnt I use htmlentities? Which encoding should I use for my source files? Databases.But there are different encodings for this character, even for the same charset, like the following: Unicode character: UTF-8 encoded: 0xE2 0x98 0xAF UTF-16 PHP htmlentities() Function. PHP String Reference. Example. Convert some characters to HTML entitiesENTSUBSTITUTE - Replaces invalid encoding for a specified character set with a Unicode Replacement Character UFFFD ( UTF-8) or FFFD instead of returning an empty string. htmlentities -- Преобразует символы в соответствующие HTML сущности.Начиная с PHP 4.3.0 поддерживаются следующие кодировки.UTF-8. 8-битная Unicode, совместимая с ASCII. cp866. PHPs standard htmlentitydecode() function will do the job, but you must use a rich character encoding, such as UTF-8, and multibyte character strings. This tip shows how. PHP HTML Client Function / CodeIgniter Outputs UTF-8 data as escaped HTML using W3C Valid HTML entities. if(!functionexists(fix4html)) function fix4html(s) return htmlentitiesOne thought on UTF8 Character encoding with PHP/Apache CMS, CodeIgniter, MYSQL, and HTML Entities. Кодировка utf-8 - PHP БД Заношу в БД mySQL информацию из формы и конечно же отображается не понятно чтоДобавлено через 3 часа 22 минуты благодарю за отзывчивость, вот решение проблемы mbconvert encoding(text, "UTF-8", "HTML-ENTITIES") This is utf-8 text and I run it through php htmlentities(). Can someone explain what is happening? Do I have to encode htmlentities to make it display utf-8 text display correctly? Портал по PHP, MySQL и другим веб-технологиям, Форум PHP программистов, htmlentities.Добавляет знак евро, французские и финские буквы к кодировке Latin-1(ISO-8859-1). UTF-8. 8-битная Unicode, совместимая с ASCII. Example below uses mbconvertencoding function to convert ISO ( HTMLEntities) characters to UTF-8I needed to convert UTF-8 to HTML-ENTITIES to be able to properly display it in an ISO- encoded page. newstring unhtmlentities(htmlentities(utf8string, ENTCOMPAT, UTF-8 ))PHP really lacks a datatype for UTF-16 (a.k.a. Unicode) strings, unlike Java whose strings are always natively encoded with UTF-16 This function encodes the string data to UTF-8, and returns the encoded version. UTF-8 is a standard mechanism used by Unicode for encoding wide character values into a byte stream.PHP encodes UTF-8 characters in up to four bytes, like this Php htmlentities () function definition and usage. php UTF-8 Output. php Security Stripping Tags. Php parsing mht file into html instance.Php function to achieve Chinese characters conversion utf8 encoding method. I know that my comment helped to fixed your issue. Here is as answer. Echo htmlentities(str, ENTQUOTES | ENTIGNORE, "UTF-8") In fact, not even close. While this change will ensure that PHP always outputs UTF-8 as the character encoding (in browser response Content-type headers), you still need to make a number ofAlso note that, for UTF-8, htmlspecialchars and htmlentities can be used interchangeably. I have my data in this format: U597D or like this U6211. I want to convert them to UTF-8 (original characters are and ). How can I do it?If the mbstring extension is not loaded, it will use the iconv extension instead. I also added functions for HTMLentities encoding / decoding and encoding HTML.htmlentities уничтожает строки utf-8. У меня здесь что-то странное, и я не понимаю, почему на моем сервере php 5.2.5 (Just on Linux, php-серверы Windows не имеют одинаковой проблемы). Character sets and Ajax, PHP, JSON decode/encode your strings properly! are set up for a UTF-8 character encoding you probably will not experience any problems See e.gDescription. string htmlentities ( string string (, int flags ENTCOMPAT / ENT HTML401. Я пишу некоторые RSS-каналы на PHP и запутываю проблемы с кодировкой символов. Должен ли я использовать utf8encode () до или после htmlentities () кодирования? This page contains top rated real world PHP examples of method UTF8:: htmlentities extracted from open source projects. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples.encodemimeheader (2). getvalue (2). htmlentities (2). You must manually specify the encoding (UTF-8) for htmlentities()PHP encoding in IOS with NSUTF8StringEncoding decoding in. I am creating a POST with data encoded to UTF-8 (NSUTF8StringEncoding). Should give you a string with htmlentities encoded to utf-8, and any unsupported chars stripped.

Это также лучше предотвращает xss, чем просто htmlentities(). Tags: php xml utf-8 html-entities.Setting the character encoding in form submit for Internet Explorer. Long and short, youll need to explicitly tell the browser what charset you want the form submission in. The options for getting HTML entities out of UTF8 characters baffle me like mbcheck encoding(), utf8decode(), etc. Some of them require complied in support and I cannot recompile PHP since Im on Red Hat Linux so please see attached for whats available in phpinfo() Encoding: Latin 1 (ISO 8859-1) UTF-8.htmlentities. htmlentitydecode. base64decode. Encode/Decode HTML Entities. Charset. Unicode (utf-8) Afrikaans (iso-8859-1) Albanian (iso-8859-1) Arabic (win1256) Azerbaijani (iso-8859-9) Basque (iso-8859-1)Help for: Encode/Decode HTML Entities. HTML Entities is a mapping of characters that have special meaning to HTML documents. Php Convert Utf8 To Html Entities. Php Encode Utf-8 As Htmlentities.Дополнительные изображений: Вопросы и ответы по ключу "php encode utf-8 as htmlentities" Для того, что бы преобразовать UTF8-строку в HTML-сущности в PHP существует функция mbconvert encodingstr htmlentities(sUTF8, ENTCOMPAT, UTF-8) sKOI8 mbconvert encoding(str, HTML-ENTITIES, UTF-8) htmlentities (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7) htmlentities — Преобразует все возможные символы в соответствующие HTML-сущности Описание string htmlentities ( string string ]] ) Эта функция.Значение по умолчанию для параметра encoding было изменено на UTF-8. How to encode and decode special HTML Entities using PHP.echo htmlentities(str, ENTNOQUOTES, UTF-8) Decoding characters with htmlentitydecode. If you require all input substrings that have associated named entities to be translated, use htmlentities() instead.Defines encoding used in conversion. If omitted, the default value for this argument is ISO-8859-1 in versions of PHP prior to 5.4.0, and UTF-8 from PHP 5.4.0 onwards. htmlentitydecode(rawtext, ENTQUOTES, UTF-8) Tidy may be re- encoding your entities.html entities - PHP htmlentities. Newest. PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library /usr/local/lib/ php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20090626/ I want to convert this to "hablaacuteis" for purposes of string comparison, but both utf8encode() and htmlentities() are outputting hablAtildeiexclis, and htmlspecialchars() does nothing. Tags: php xml utf 8 html entities.I have been wondering why when I set the encoding to UTF-8 and rendering the XML it replace the extended characters by escape characters (or character reference) like instead of ? In this article we explain the differences between ordinary (UTF-8/ASCII) text, HTML encoded text, and URL encoded strings. To generate the right type of output at the right place, we deploy the PHP functions urlencode and htmlentities.



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