error php extensions pdo_mysql must be loaded





PHP extension pdomysql not installed. Ну и в /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini пробовал добавлять но бестолку, хотя я точно помню, что таких проблем в прошлый раз небыло PHP extension "pdomysql" is disabled.If you installed PHP from a separate service, like php5-fpm, then use sudo service php5[tab] restart (where you actually press the "tab" key where it says [tab]) After that, your php5 should have those extensions loaded. I have renamed php.ini.sample to php.ini and followed the installation instructions to the letter.pdo pdomysql on Ubuntu. Recently I moved to Godaddy but having this problem after moting my site. Anyone got any ideas?, as my framework (Magento) needs to see the extension loaded in order to work!edit: the pdomysql issue has been resolved. Now i have the following issue: PHP Extension "curl" must be loaded. I am getting this error on the Database configuration page when installing Magento 1.7.0. to my php.ini file. Restarting need to check php loaded modules, like Magento Installation pdomysql, mcrypt extensions error. 12-10-2010, 23:31.PHP Extension "pdomysql" must be loaded PHP Extension "mcrypt" must be loaded. To resolve the issue, firstly you would need to find out which php.ini file is used by your website. Когда попадаю на индексную страницу, то отлавливаю - include(PDO.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory.etc/php5/mods-available/pdopgsql.ini:extensionpdopgsql.

soPHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library /usr/lib/php 5/20131226/ Such error happens in 1.7.x branch (I saw it in 1.7.2), when entering database parameters youre seeing PHP Extensions 0 must be loaded instead of next step.. relatively new to servers, have just installed apache and mysql-server and php on centos 6. I keep getting this error when trying to install a software called Magento however: PHP Extensions "pdomysql" must be loaded. I get an error message just saying: "php extensions 0 must be loaded". You need to edit app/code/core/Mage/Install/etc/config.xml changingltextensionsgt ltpdomysqlgt Command Line Specific Extensions. Compression and Archive Extensions. Credit Card Processing.Пример 1 Создание PDO объекта и установка режима обработки ошибок.

Ive looked high and low for the php.ini file in cpanel so I can enable the extension. But I can not find it anywhere.



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