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to permit a sixth personal foul and the mythical origins of the alley-oop, the three-point line owns a hallowed spot in the pantheon of iconic NBA innovations.Three-point field goals werent introduced to the Association until 1979, but theyd begun figuring prominently into the nine- year existence of Thirty-three years after the first NBA game was played, the three-point line was finally introduced to the NBA in 1979-80. Chris Ford of the Boston Celtics became the first player in NBA history to make a three-point shot on October 12, 1979. In this game featured his teammate Larry Bird The 3-point shot was introduced to the NBA in the 1979-80 season.During three years in the 90s the league experimented with a shortened line (corners were basically the same). Unsurprisingly, 3-point attempts surged. I really dig that he picked his moneyball rack to go last, which is where he shoots the best and also takes advantage of a shorter three-point line.How to watch the 2018 NBA Three-Point Contest. When: Saturday, Feb. For the first 44 years of the 3-point lines history (introduced in 1979-80), there were only seven teams to hit 10 per game.Those same Knicks that set the NBA record for most 3-pointers in a season? New York finished that year with only a 29.7 percent 3-point density, meaning only 29.7 Ideally, a longer three point line would improve the diversity of viable skill sets in the NBA, and prevent the league from becoming too specific. After all, with the way elite teams are hoarding 3-and-D wings, its reasonable to wonder how viable other kinds of players today, let alone 15 years from now when a On a slow day in NBA news, ESPN reported that the NBA is strongly considering a bigger court and the introduction of a 4-point shot.The 4-point line wont and shouldnt happen in the game of basketball. Teams averaged less than a three year experiment from 1994 to 1997 with slightly shorter line. It has been since the 3 pointer was introduced in n. For years after the nba added 3 point line in 1979, so this is ht. In 1980, the NBA introduced the 3-point line, but it took a few years for spacing to expand to the arc. Heres a typical Laker set from 1983, in which Magic Johnsons entry to Kareem was four feet inside the stripe and the entire Laker offense is indifferent to the 3-point line. Like some new flopping rules and other innovations, it would likely have to be tested out in the D-League for several years before being implemented at the NBA level. The NBA did not introduce the three-point line until the 1979-80 season February 26, 2016 9:58pm EST February 26, 2016 9:58pm EST Basketball, NBA, News, English Shooters are getting better, so is it time for the NBA to adapt?Stephen Curry and the Warriors have introduced a new brand of basketball which focuses heavily on the three-point line. The three-point line is the line that separates the two-point area from the three-point area any shot converted beyond this line counts as three points.

It results in the most awarded points for any single shot, three. First introduced in 1979, the three-point shot has onlyShooting the three in the NBA is one of the more popular aspects amongst fans and players, so much so that the league has discussed instituting a four- point line to up the ante. During the regular season that just ended, Curry landed more threes than Magic Johnson did during his 13 seasons (which, coincidentally, started the same year the NBA introduced the three-point line). The NBA introduced the 3-pointer in the 1979-80 season.(The bump you see from 1995-97 resulted from the NBA shortening the 3- point line before reverting the line to its originalits likely that other teams will follow suit and increase the number of 3-pointers per game even further in the coming years. The NBA introduced the 3 point line at the start of the 1979-80 season, borrowing the feature from the absorbed American Basketball Association.For reference, the NBA average possession was worth about 1.04 points that year. For bonus points, he broke the tie with Danny Ainge, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who all had four NBA Finals losses after the three point line era. (At least Magic and Kareem got five rings out the deal.) The NBA 3-Point Shootout Contest is one of the attractions of the All-Star weekend. Larry Bird and Craig Hodges are the only players that won it three times.

Year. In the past few years, weve seen various statistics showing the NBA audience all the new 3-point records and how differently the 3-point line is used now. For comparison, the leader of the 87 — 88 season was Danny Ainge who made 148 3-pointers. Nba 3 Point Line. Posted 2018-01-12 by Hitesh Patel in mp3 category. Found!The NBA introduced the three point shot in 1979, but just how much has it impacted the style of play?Chris applied his skills as a data scientist to years worth of NBA statistical data to illustrate just how much the game Why was basketballs three-point line introduced?The 3 point shot was introduced by the upstart ABL in 1961 (the league only survived a couple of years) and was brought back by the ABA in 1971 (along with the 30 second shot clock and the dunk) and adopted by the NBA after they merged (The NBA distance is currently 239"). People used to think the three point line was a gimmick -- but now we cant imagine being without it. The three point line is now 34 years old. First, the three-point line was introduced in the NBA for the 1979-1980 season(1). Therefore, every game before that season did not include a single three-pointer.Browse other questions tagged trivia basketball statistics nba or ask your own question. asked. 1 year, 7 months ago. viewed. This isnt Adam Silvers NBA, its Jamal Crawfords. At least, it will be, if the 4- point shot is ever introduced.This is how I imagine a post-4-point-line world would work. Some folks would be fired up about how it turns the game intoHarden optimistic about Rockets title chances: This is the year. For the 1994-95 NBA season, the three-point line was shortened by 21 inches. ESPN has a great story about the effect of the shorter line on Michael Jordans career.

This three-year period with a shortened line showed teams the power of the three-point shot. For better or for worse, the NBA is vastly different than it was 40 years ago. Many basketball fans cant imagine life without the 3-point line, but such a time did exist until 1979.The season the NBA introduced the 3-point shot, teams tried it 3.1 percent of the time. The NBA had long been the leader in American basketball. However they were slow to introduce a popular part of the game already being used in other professional leagues. The three-point line was first dreamed about in the 1930s. All-Star Weekends always seem like a good time to trial run things that a league may introduce sometime down the road. Now is that what the NBA isBeginning in 2017, the Globetrotters will debut basketballs first-ever 4- point line, a move that comes six years after the team unveiled the 4-point Either way, one recent topic of debate has focused on whether the NBA should move back the 3-point line.The Rockets are smart. Their reliance on the corner-3 is helping them put together a much more potent offense, year after year, than they otherwise would have. Heres Where the NBA Should Put the 4-Point Line.In 197980, when the league introduced the 3-pointer, teams averaged 2.8 attempts per game from beyond the arc. This year, NBA teams averaged 24.1 3-point attempts per contest.3-point line was introduced for the 1979-80 season so much as in the last eight seasons or soWhen exactly did three become the magic number in the NBA? There were hints of things to comeIn evaluating last years individual Adjusted FG league leaders, the number which is initially most Brandon Sterling started this petition to NBA. The NBA 3P line needs to be shortened to the length of the international line so Me7o can be unleashed. Edit: so, as a few of my /sub/nba peers have pointed out, the 3 point line was introduced in the 1979-80 season.Eric Gordon himself is shooting 3x as many threes as that entire 1984 Jazz team. When you start watching the NBA at a young age, and keep watching year after year. The nba had long been the leader in american basketball. however they were slow to introduce a popular part of the game already being used in other professional leagues Professional- nba basketball court dimensions. the 3 point line (arc): nba one year ago. Dnes bude oblano, pechodn zataeno s pehkami, pechodn i s obasnm detm, ojedinle, odpoledne msty bouky. During the regular season that just ended, Curry landed more threes than Magic Johnson did during his 13 seasons (which, coincidentally, started the same year the NBA introduced the three-point line). This is any shot that is made from inside of the 3-point line (22 feet) and can be done with a jump shot, layup or dunk. 3-Point Baskets The NBA introduced theThe 3-point shot has grown in popularity since its debut and is now a focal point of many NBA offenses. In each of the last three years, the Take a look at the 10 most frequent 3-point shooting teams in NBA history and youll see five that also made this years playoffs.But instead of attacking the basket, he dribbled right up to the 3-point line and launched a jumper from 25 feet away. Today, we wouldnt bat an eye. The NBA introduced the three-point line for the first time in 1979.Steven Adams Hilariously Accepts Prom Proposal Three Years Too Late. ESPN Tried to Hijack Michael Kay for Sunday Night Baseball. Both of those marks would be the most since the NBA introduced the three- point shot for the 1979-80 season. From 1994-95 to 1996-97, the NBA shortened the distance to the 3-point line.As can be seen in the chart, NBA shooting took off during that 3-year period. The ABA brought the line to their league when they fired up four years later, but because the NBA laughed down its sleeve at both outfits during their existence, it was slow to embrace the carryover line upon its installation in 1979. A four-point line would also be treated with such derision The three point shot was first introduced in the NBA for the 197980 season. It was barely utilized at the start. The league average was under ten attempts per game for about 15 yearsNotice that both Celtic bigs are at the three point line in this play, keeping shot blockers away from the drive attempt. The addition of a three point line drastically changed the play-style in the NBA.Though it is a really really interesting topic to think about, and gives a look at what people in the late 70s might have been thinking when the 3pt line was introduced. Nick was selected by the Washington Wizards in the first round of the 2007 NBA draft after leaving USC following his junior year.Why is the fiba 3 point line shorter than nba reddit. They made 40 percent the 3 point shot was introduced to nba in 1979 80 season. The sports international governing body, FIBA, introduced the three- point line in 1984, at a distance of 6.25 m (20 ft 6 in).In the NBA, three-point field goals have become increasingly more frequent along the years, with effectiveness increasing slightly. Three-point line introduced in 1979-1980 NBA season. Only one three-pointer was made in the entire series.Year. Adding the 3-point line was an experiment, to see how the talent would respond to additional methods of scoring.The NBA is more complex by the year.After being introduced into the NBA stratosphere at age 11, hes been engrossed in the game at an unhealthy level. Season Points, Career Rebounds, Active Assists, Yearly Steals, Progressive BlocksNBA MVP, All-NBA, Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, All-Rookie, Hall of Fame While the NBA has made many rule changes such as adjusting its defensive rules, banning and unbanning the slam dunk and implementing a shot clock, the introduction and altering of the 3-point line has had one of the most dramatic impacts on the association out of any rule change in league After the NBA introduced the three-point line in 1979, it would have been be intuitive to assume that guards, who shot a disproportionate amount of the new and more efficient three-point shots, benefitted most from it.



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