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In fact, when you disable Google Play services, it makes apps like the Play Store and Gmail to stop working.With the app refreshed with the latest update, youll most likely not have to worry about the Google Play services has stopped error from popping up. My hudl has uninstalled the Google play services update after switching it off and I had to reinstall it again. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.Why do I keep getting a message that google search has stopped? If this method worked for you, let me know! Method 5 Wait Because Its Google Play To Blame. After the newest update of Google Play ServicesThe problem now is that 15 min after, google play stop working again, so I keep unstalling it and installing again, until I download all the apps I need. I then updated Google Play, Google Play services and Android System WebView, but then none of their maps was working, meaning that maps0. How to fix the phone crash after updating google play store and google play service but no show Sorry, Google Play (Store | Services) has stopped. Long story short, I realized that Google silently updates Google Play Services (along with a few other GAPPS) regardless of your auto-update setting.7. Reboot device and toggle Airplane Mode off. At this point, if your GAPPS are all working to your satisfaction, you can stop. Just bear in mind that if In fact the error occurs when Google Play services has stopped and are not working.All related Google Play problems are commonly caused after Android updates and it is difficult to fix them when they occur. After I updated I get "google play services stopped working" popups.You also should uninstall play store and google play services, then reboot and reinstall the store and proceed to login. Google Play Services Has stopped message continually popping up Try uninstalling the updates to Play Services, that often helps in such cases (sometimes updates have trouble they get reinstalled after you.Google Play Services not working after lollipop update - Support A number of reasons are available for the Google play services has stopped error.You can try these one by one and see which one works for your device. Solution 1 Update Google Play Services to the latest version. Hi, I have stopped my Google Play services and no longer works very much. How can I modify it?after every phone reboot I have to google play services update 2013-11-24. You can face this issue with any apps it is not only stick to Google Play Store you can find any app like Google Play Services has Stopped working or any other app canAfter all these try to run Google Play Store hopefully your issue was solved. Solution 2 Uninstall Recent Google Play Store Update. How do I turn on Google Play services? Why does Google Play store stop working?After updating new OS, Android phones getting screen flicking problems with the display.

Do you have an idea about why this flickering occur My Google Play Services not update, "error 501" Anyone have a solution for this? Sorry my bad english ) Thanks.But after I Flashed the update Google Play Services show an "Google Play Services Has stop working" and the Google Play I have recently update my samsung A5 to android 6.0.1 but my google play store stop workingMy play store keeps closing after a second and returning to home screen and my Google play services wont work as well. Hi there, after updating MIUI 8.2, Im getting message "Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped" continuously. other Google services such as Google maps is not also working. I am using MI 4i set.

does anybody have a solution for this?when you open the Google Play market and the other Google play services also stops working.After doing this you can just go to the Google Play store and can access it. Read more: How to fixThen now again hit turn off and uninstall the Google play services. then uninstall updates. Here, weve 7 solutions for fixing Unfortunately Google Play Service has stopped error.Solution 1: Update your Play Services. Solution 2: Force Stop Clear Cache (1).Do comment down if you still face any issues after trying these solutions, well try to find a working solution for you. Normally, Google Play Services Stopped Working error occurs on Android devices because either your smartphone is not compatible with the version of Google Play Store installed on it or there are some bugs left in the update.

On the Galaxy S4 after the December 2015 software upgrade provided by Virgin, google play services has stopped and the error message repeats with most apps now not working.So I personally would do a factory reset (After backing up), after big updates. Here are some of the methods that you can use when Google play store stops working.To do so open Google play store in application manger and tap on UNINSTALL UPDATES.If not, read on. 7. Dont Ignore Google Play Services. After updating app, clearing data and cache, adding-removing google accounts, it is time to reset app preferences.So friends these are the best methods to solve google play services has stopped working error. Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum General Bugs Google play services stopped working after update.Description. After updating to Google play services prompting every time after switch offing my mobile. After updating Google Play Services to 11.8.0 (from 11.6.2) my builds stop working. This is what I got: Unexpected error while computing stack sizes: Class [com/ google/android/gms/internal/zzao] Method [zzf(Ljava/lang/String)J] Exception [java.lang.IllegalArgumentException] Problem is, when the game (Jungle Heat) tells me to link to my GMail account and I press on my GMail account, it opens a little window that reads This application wont run unless you update Google Play Services and it reads on bottom update. If Google Play services keeps stopping for you, then updating the app will fix this problem for sure.Add Google Account Once Again. Google account creates, unfortunately Google Play services has stopped working problem too so that re-adding could help. If after updating the Google Play App you still have the Google play services has stopped error then you can try this method.Although this approach didnt always work. To clear the cache of the app to follows the steps given below: Step 1. Open settings on your device. I want to add firebase thats why I update my source code from .android.gms:play-services:7.3.0 to 11.0.4. but after I fixed all problems I see that search bar doesnt work when I clicked on button. After rebooting the phone started to show:"Google Play services keeps stopping" when I opened Playstore.At this point Playstore worked but it didnt show the apps already installed on the phone. 6) Update Google Apps to the last versions (you can download them here) How do I stop Google Play store from updating itself on rooted lolipop 5.1.1?Follow below steps to disable auto updating in Google Play Services. Step 1 : Open Google Play Store App in your Mobile and click on the Menu (3 straight lines) on Top left. Unfortunately, Google Play Services has Stopped Working.I have nexus 4 yesterday it taken update for lollypop in evening taken update for google play services but after that it is regularly showing as " Google play services has been stopped" please help. Login to your Google Account and Google Play Services Has Stopped Working must disappear now. If it doesnt then apply the next method.So you must update Google Play Services to latest versions to tackle this issue. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. A notification will appear on your device asking to update Google Play Services.If your device is still displaying the Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped messages after following all three methods You may experience some problems with it. An error Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Working has become very common nowadays. You may face this problem after opening play store or during installing any app. If something goes wrong here, Google Play Services may stop working or keep crashing frequently. To put things right, you should do the followingGoogle Play Store 7.8.15 [APK Download]: Major Update Hints At Instant Apps, Play Protect, Pre-Registration Rewards, and More. google play services cache updates cache settings apps.If youre getting the very annoying Google Play Services has stopped error message, there are a few things you can try to fix it. As it is often unclear what has caused this error message, its best to try each method until something works. The problem happened again. this time it is not happened when I update ROM, I am not sure what triggered the problem, but the problem went away after I reboot phone.llaalways wrote: I have found reason for google play services stopped. Annoying of Google play services keeps stopping working message in your android phone?Step 5: Tap on Uninstall updates. After uninstall Google play services updates, restart your android phone. I fixed this problem by uninstalling updates from the Google play services app. All my Google apps started working.My issue happend right after a fresh nitrogen os install version oreo, 8.0 or 8.1. The Google Play services has stopped error pop-up non stop, right after gapps is flashed. Recently when latest google play service updates are released in most of the android device the users are facing the problem during opening android application.First, click on the force stop button for stop the working. After that click on clear cache button. Thats it your error is fixed. Google Play Services errors are often , Sometimes users might get error google play services has stopped working since Google Services keep releasing new updates and Lollipop OS software update may be causing this issues. After updating my Tab2A10-70F, an error message "Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped" pops up blocking other apps. How can I eliminate this? Google Store no more working. "Unfortunately, Google play services has stopped".After following the procedure to stop auto updates, the next day I find that XL and Powerpoint had been installed. It seems that the setting does not work. It will work. Unfortunetly google play services has stopped. Fix three prompts of " Google play books stopped working" error in LENOVO K3 note after Marshmallow update. Everything worked fine until the Android software updated to 6.0. The Google Play app is not working.Cant start phone after format, Googles services stopped,Android 6.0. By this time the Google Play Services has stopped working problem must have got fixed. Method 6: Fix Google Play Services error by updating toAfter reading the article till the end, by now you must have figured out the best solution on how to fix Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped. If yes and youre looking for a working solution, then below are the complete steps to fix Google Play Services has stopped working unexpectedly error.There may be a case that you got a popup of Google Play Services has stopped after lollipop update, marshmallow update or nougat update.Google Play Services app info > Uninstall updatesthis reverted it to version 6.xxxbut then Gmail and Maps didnt work unless I updatedOne week after complete reinstallation of my OnePlus I started getting one Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped error message after the other. Before the update my phone worked fine. Did I install the wrong version of Google Play services? Or do I need to setup a Google account?color for xaxis labels, add google exchange account, add to favorites, after flashing firmware of sm-j100h when open screen shows gapps unfortunately stopped After installing 6.0.1 Why its continuously showing unfortunately Google play services stopped.Hello i have the same problem on my Xperia Z2 (Google play service stops everytime) but clear the Google Play Services app doesnt work for me. Are you facing Google Play has stopped working , Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped, Unfortunately google app has stopped errors when you are trying to run Google Play on your Android basedAfter the Google Play Store updates, the same exact problem begins again.



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